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Being a Tier 2 Pub.

Look East have been in touch about another interview and asked for some thoughts on becoming a tier 2 pub.
Thought I would share the email here.

As requested a quick missive with some thoughts on becoming a Tier 2 pub.

Tier 2 pub, a substantial meal for every customer and they have to be from one household. We were just about surviving under the rule of 6 with a mix of people eating and a handful of drinkers. Remove the drinkers and the pub isn’t viable. I can’t employ a barman when I am cooking and serving food, some nights we only did 6 covers so financially it’s suicide. Most wet let pubs are going to struggle with losing the run up to Xmas, the December take generally sees you through to March, I get the feeling that we might be about to lose 50% of wet led pubs. We’re just not viable any more.
I’m going to carry on with selling takeaway ale and food but sales are incredibly depressed compared with the last lockdown. Currently trading on 25% of last lockdown turnover. I’m lucky to take ¬£250 a week. the next lot of utility bills won’t be getting paid. Only a matter of time before I decide to declare bankruptcy. Hope to hang on but without some meaningful support from the government the whole trade will go to the wall. We’ll be left with Spoons…but isn’t that the plan…..

Just what Boris has against the wet trade I can’t understand. Perhaps he suffered a traumatic experience in a pub as a child….one can only hope he did! Perhaps Stanley forgot to take him with him when he left, just as David Cameron famously did a few years back with his daughter. I try to be positive and find advantage in adversity but I’m running out of ideas. You plan, implement and then they change the rules. So this time I can’t be bothered and I’m staying closed.

Kind regards

David Burd

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