Cheese and Charcuterie

Friday & Saturday Afternoons
13:00 – 17:00

If there was ever a food that was a perfect match for beer it has to be cheese. All of Europe loves a small plate of cheese and some sliced meat to soak up a few beers whilst catching up with friends after the week’s work.

Weekend days we are offering a selection of cheese and charcuterie (that’s meat for those who don’t speak Franglais) as a sharing board for four people and more.

Ordering a board for four gets you four cheeses, two meats, bread, olives, pickles and grapes. Every person you add to the order gets you another cheese and another meat. For example, a group of eight would get eight different cheeses and six different meats.

Cheeses will be a mix of mainly English and French but with Spanish, Dutch and others when available. A board will usually contain a mix of styles, a hard, a soft, a blue and a specialist for example.

Meats will typically include salami, air cured ham, chorizo, pate, terrine and saucisson.

Cheese and charcuterie is £10 per person with a minimum of two people.

If you want to check availability and book you can fill out the enquiry form.

Actual selection may vary on the day